AAAAAAAAAH! help me! ive just got back from holiday and realised that the killswitch engage tickets at brixton are sold out! I HAVE TO GO TO IT THEYRE MY FAVOURITE BAND! so yeah, my question is...
How much roughly do ticket touts charge you for tickets? how much have you paid for a ticket off a tout?

Depends on the gig. Generally they're expensive... about as much as you might pay on ebay for a ticket. The later in the night the cheaper the tickets get though, and you can usually haggle them down.
it definatly depends on the gig. i heard that tickets for a sold out radiohead show went for something like £400.

but there's also bound to be someone there with a spare ticket, people find out last minute they cant go and stuff so its worth checking the queues. the price of a spare ticket would be a lot less thn one from a tout.

anyway soon tickets are gonna have photo id printed on them to prevent touting lol. (thats the plan anyway)