What happens if I put acoustic strings on my electric?

I have no spare strings for my electric but have some used acoustic strings, will the acoustic strings work on my electric?
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id say so but they'll probably **** up your neck
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I don't think they'll **** up the neck, they're lower tension than Electric strings. If it were the other way round (electric stzrings on an acoustic guitar) that might twist the neck
They'll work both ways, as long as they are both the guitars are steel strings.
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it will **** up your neck. believe me. go out and buy some electric guitar strings.

not if the gauges are similar. if the acoustics are much lighter then yes, the neck will relax.

and some strings dont amplify thru pickups. so type would need to be mentioned as well.

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Geez man, just get a set of electric strings...you're talking $5 USD, and no potential damage to your electric.

FYI - keep a couple of sets laying around. Consider them a consumable item like picks.

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Okay, enough of the misconceptions...if the strings are the same guage, they will do absolutely nothing to your guitar. Typical bronze strings are weaker than nickel/silver electric strings, so you're more likely to break a string before you break your neck. Magnetically, bronze strings will sound a little softer through the pickups, so the tone will be different. Either way, I vote not to waste the string and just go buy a single or a completely new set from your guitar store.
Quote by NinjaTrainer
it will **** up your neck. believe me. go out and buy some electric guitar strings.

Hell no.
Quote by NinjaTrainer
it will **** up your neck. believe me. go out and buy some electric guitar strings.

how would it? the tension will be out of balance and on the long run sure, but still the guitar can be set-up for that kinda thing. it's not like it's gonna snap the neck. and your not gonna get someone to do as you say by telling them to believe you, give us arguments.
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From D'Addario's own string tension measurements (all tension measurements in pounds)...

XL Strings - nickel

.010 16.2
.013 15.4
.017 16.6
.026 18.4
.036 19.5
.046 17.5

Compared to...

Phosopher Bronze

.010 16.2
.014 17.8
.023 27.9
.030 27.1
.039 25.4
.047 20.7

And for reference, a typical heavy guage that I've used on my strat for years...

XL Strings - nickel

.011 19.6
.014 17.8
.018 18.6
.030 25.0
.042 26.3
.052 22.0

The differences are minimal aside from the wound G on the acoustic set. Your neck should hold up just fine, but I still say just go buy a new string.
yeah youd be better with new strings, broze wound strings dont really sound all that great n an electric.
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If you were just thinking am E or an B (thinest i mean) then there would be no difference unless they are gold plated ones or somethings. I wouldn't put and wound acuostic strings on your electric though. It will sound odd. And it may make your guitar buzz a bit.
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By the way, which ones Pink?

or DR. or Dean Markely or D'Addario.

Acoustic or Ernie Ball strings on your electric means INSTANT DEATH by Beheading.
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