Heya, my friend wanted to know what you guys thought of the new track he's been working on, he asked me to post it here heh.

It's the only track on the list and um, yeah. The drums are resequenced, and he played the guitar & bass.

Ha, I have to change my pants now. Totally wasn't expecting that, but I love that shit. Guitar has nice a bite to it. Are the drums from a drum machine?

Everything sounds good, its mixed well. I despise the snare but oh well.

Great song!

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He say thanks alot, and yeah he's not a fan of the snare either, but it's the only sample he had.

And we both agree your track had some lovely playing in it n1
is that bumping i see? this was actually one of the better ones i've heard on here i enjoyed it, though not really what i listen to. but that buildup was awesome and i'd like to hear it with some vocals. playing was good and tight with the beat. maybe put some strings during the clean part at the end? or a second guitar for some more texture.
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