Looking to get a new guitar, possibly a new amp, and some pedals but i really dont know what to get. At the minute iv got: A yahama pacifica 112 and a 10 watt marshall amp (I only started playing a year ago so its my starter stuff).

I play mainly indie (babyshambles etc.) and brit rock (oasis, feeder and stuff) but also like to play a bit of classic rock stuff like led zeppelin and guns and roses and occasionally some ska and reggae. No idea about what kinda money im lookin at spendin but probably not over £600 for everything.

Any ideas? cheers guys
a standard or highway 1 telecaster, they work well with all of those
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id suggest gettin a new amp first and yeah a tele would be good for what you play
ESP LTD EC-1000 w/EMGs
Squire Showmaster tuned to D standard

Laney Hardcore MXD65 (for sale)
Harley Benton 212V

Boss DS-1
Boss NS-2
Boss TU-3
Boss CE-5
Morley bad horsie 2

Next to buy
New amp
HSS (the humbucker would be for the classic rock)
Along with this:
And if you want some pedals:
http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/ge-7/2412 For more EQ flexibility (theres only one tone knob on the amp)

flickr you might
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