Hi, is anyone here going to see mastodon in London on march the 15th, the gig was originally set for the Mean Fiddler but its been changed to the Forum, i got my tickets a while back when it was still set for the mean fiddler and it says that the tickets are for the mean fiddler on the tickets, so i'm wondering does anyone know if these tickets will be ok for the new venue or do i have to do sumthin about it, thnx.

ps. sorry if this is in the wrong forum.
IDK really know, cause im not going, wish like hell i could lol, but im guessing you should at least make sure by calling or e-mail where ever you got the tickets from

btw: right forum
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yer ive tried contacting them but its ticketmaster there useless and will probs take years to reply. I think there are still tickets available btw, if u wanted to go ^
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Theyve moved the venue? YESSS! Im not allowed to go Mean Fiddler for some reason but now i might be able to see teh Mastodons.
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