The gain on my AC30 started to sound terrible, so I decided to replace the tubes. As I've had it a while, I decided to replace all the tubes - the preamp, power amp and rectifier.

Well, the gain now sounds fine, in fact there is a lot more than before. However, the clean now sounds terrible, even on lowest volume it sounds harsh.

My question is this: which of the tubes (pre or power amp) are responsible for the clean tone? Also, does anyone know what the different stages of the pre-amp (V1, V2 and V3) do what on the AC-30. Any other advise on getting a really smooth clean sound back would be much appreciated!

Incidently, I have Ruby tubes in the pre-amp, Sovtex in the power and JJs in the rectify - my local music shop didn't have much choice!
ideal set up = winged C 6l6gc's i nthe power stage, best sounding clean power tube out there but also gains up nicely

rectifier im not sure about

but like the worlds best pre amp is a tung-sol 12ax7/

so maybe try them,?