after having heard some of the recording that i did with my band through my crate rfx120, i find myself a bit discontent with the tone of said amp. ive been noticing it when we practice too...the cleans are not too bad, but i feel like they could be better. i drive it with a ds-1 when i need distortion, and despite the fact that most people hate that particular pedal, it sounds pretty good. still, i think maybe its time i get rid of the crate and get something a little better sounding.

anyways, ive been thinking about the peavey valveking series (the combos and the heads). i was wondering what experience you guys have had with these particular amps. im in college, so im on a budget and thats what caught my eye with the peaveys. i do play live shows with my band, so i definitely need something that can handle those volumes, but i dont think that would be a problem. we play all sorts of rock, from soft to funky to driving hard rock, so i need something that will be able to handle that kind of versatility. would i still be able to drive a tube amp with the ds-1, or would i have to invest in an overdrive pedal (sorry if that sounds like a dumb question).

any help would be appreciated here, just dont tell me to save up for a mesa or anything like that, something that costs that much is out of the question.

ps just in case anybody was going to say maybe its the guitar(s) that make the amp not sound so great...nah, ive played all my electrics through tube amps and they sounded great.
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I would stay away from the peavey :

If you're on a bugdet, you're best bet is to look for used combo's, they really are a lot, especially if you're willing to use ebay.

EDIT: Can you specify Bugdet?
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I would stay away from the peavey


Blew a combo up in 5 mins at half power. 'twas new too.
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Get a Marshall DSL401, it's roughly the same price range as the VK
I would go with a fender like a blonde hot rod deluxe or a deville
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Get a Marshall DSL401, it's roughly the same price range as the VK

only if youre in the UK...
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^^like guitarmiesters, it was a dud, had mine sice christmas and my firend has had his since october, they work and sound good on a budget, its your opinion though
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