So I have been playing guitar for about 4 or 5 months now. I taught myself a lot of basics, but recently I have not been progressing very much. I would really like lessons. I called around to maybe 6 or 7 guitar stores that offer lessons, average price is about 18-20 dollars for half hour lessons. The money isn't really a huge problem, just it really doesn't seem like I could learn a whole lot in a half hour...

Your comments?
i don't have guitar lessons, but on tenor horn, ive switched from having a half hour lesson every week, to an hour lesson every other week and i seem to get a lot more done.
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If that's how you feel, look for someone who will do hour lessons. There are people out there who are 'private' teachers, and they are often more willing to work around your schedule.

I take half-hour lessons, and I can get quite a bit accomplished in that amount of time - I think you'd be surprised how much a good teacher can teach you in as little as half an hour.
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That might be a good idea...
But still anyone that's taken lessons, are half hour lessons worth it?
yeah youll be surprised how much you learn in half hour lessons

with a good teacher youll accomplish alot

go for it and try it out once; if it doesnt work your only out 18 or so bucks
half hour lessons were useless for me! they are ok if you are learning chords or scales but anything other than that you shpuld be looking at hour lessons


half hour lessons are excellent for me. $17 at a local guitar store. just the right amount of content to go off and practice for a week before going back for more. i have an excellent instructor too. he covers technique and theory and has me working on all the right stuff for a good foundation. also has me working on songs to get me using what he shows me. he also points out how to fix my screw ups before i become too used to doing it the wrong way.
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Well that is what I was planning on doing...
And actually this was a few hours ago, but I already met with and talked to a guy, he seemed pretty cool, but he couldn't take me right now, because has too many students after the holidays, I guess we'll see how it goes in a couple of weeks or so...
Just had first lesson after 1 1/2 years, brilliant like u started to hit the wall. Had so many questions that couldn't find answers to. Still reading and looking at articles lessons online. But having a ear to bend is brilliant, so i would say lessons agreat to back up what you've been doing yourself. Can incorparate both. Good luck
How about saving your time and money and just start hanging out with guys and girls who are better than you on guitar. You know when you go to guitar center or wherever and you see someone just ****ing going off.....sit down and talk to them cause they would probably help you out.
Take some lessons. I take a 1/2 lesson every two weeks. I've been playing about 3 months, so we all know I have plenty to work on.

The point is that a teacher can show how stuff is played and more inportant, unlike a book or video, you can ask questions and get an answer.
Um, I haven't begun taking lessons yet. But I know plenty of people that did, mostly half hours lessons. I guess they learned enough to practice for the next week until they came back... And got better a lot faster than they would have. But I can't say from personal experience, or common knowledge really..