Hi, i've been thinking a lot lately about buying a bass. Is the Ibanez GSR200 a good bet considering my budget is of about 175$ (US) or could I get something better for that price?

I have got the GSR200 Ibanez Bass and i am very pleased with it. I got it in the black and the sound is perfect. I had to change the pickup height though because i found their was a slight annoying buzz. But it has disappeared Now. It looks sweet aswell all my friends are like Woow let me lick ur bass and twisle the knobs n wotknot :P
I have one and love it. I've been using it now for around 2 or 3 years.

UtBDan did an excellent review of one here. http://ultimate-guitar.com/reviews/bass_guitars/ibanez/gsr_200/index.html

I've never had any technical problems with mine such as the bridge crapping out like UtB's did.
They go for around $205. You may also want to try out the Squier Vintage Modified Jazz or Precision, though those should be $75 more expensive. Ibanez also makes the SR300DX. I've never tried it out, though it is reasonably priced and a possible for an introductory instrument at $280. Again, I've only tried the GSR200 out of these and love them all, but the others may be a step up, I'd try them out and read reviews on them (although reviews are often highly biased as people may rationalize making a purchase to themselves). Ask opinions of the people who work at your music store also.
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Also, try out the Yamaha RBX175, that is a really really good bass for the price. I started on one and still pick it up occasionally
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I own one

It has a few problems (loose knobs, some buzzing through the amp) but I can get rid off them and I think it sounds nice

I'd say its good for its price
Anyone know anything about the EDB Series, while we're talking about Ibanez?

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GSR200s are great beginners basses. Once I got my fretless 5, I tuned my GSR200 (still fretted) to BEAD with a heavier set of strings - the neck is holding up and the B is pretty nice considering the 34" scale with string-thru-bridge setup.
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