Hi ive just noticest something.. My friend has asked me to play bass for an exam ( he plays the guitar ) because i am fairly good at listening to songs and picking out notes but he has given me a tab sheet with the notes he wants to play and im finding it really hard to remember the notes. Basically i am saying i cant remember the notes, It doesnt just happen when i play bass it happens in every day activitys.. For example someone tells me a phone number and by the time ive writen one number down ive forgotten the other 10 numbers. Anyways im wondering if their are any exercises to increase my memory. Thanks in advance.

I also noticed i cant remember words to songs I tryed to sing Your Beautiful by james blunt to my girlfriend and by the chrous i forgot what the words were lolz. Please help me i need a larger memory. Btw sorry if i posted this in the wrong forum section i dont have a clue where this thread would of gone :P
should calm down whilst your doing it. lie say if ur trying to learn a song, do a bit at a time and make sure uve got that bit done. same with numbers... same with everthing lol. but ye mostly just try and keep cool.
repetition has always helped me remember stuff, drugs totally destroyed my memory so i can totally relate. honestly you have to "work out" your brain to keep it in good shape. as for playing bass, if its written in a certain key/scale i'd just remember the scale and the movements. if he has a recording of what he wants you to play maybe jam with the recording a couple times a day.
lolz the bass line is messed up tbh.. their is no pattern and the notes are all over the place...
yeh, like this is just me, but when i do decide to learn a bass song from a tab, i just tend to look at what im playing on the screen, like the actual tab, it just helps me remember where to put my fingers coz i dont need to rely on my eyes to tell me where to put them when im trying to play it back. like z4twenny said, just "work out" your brain. whatever helps you remember in the easiest most effective way.
Quote by mintuz
lolz the bass line is messed up tbh.. their is no pattern and the notes are all over the place...

could you give me an example? i have trouble believing that the bass is all over the place and that there is no pattern, the reason i say this is music is typically intervalic and there is usually some kind of relationship between all the notes
I can't remember Stairway to Heaven and therefore can't play it. Improvization is a virtue. But I guess if we can remember the Alphabet and 50 states....(the most of us.) I'm guessing we can remember anything if we work our asses off to do so.
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