Howdy helicops, I have played Ovations for 30 years. I have played and owned evrything from the bottom feeders line up to the top of the line. The Applause is a good starter guitar. They are just about bullet proof and the electronocs sound good. Best thing to do is find a dealer and play one. With the round back and thinner neck, they are not for everyone.

Hope this helps
i personally dont like the sound the lycrachoad body ( think thats what its called). IMO i dont think it feels nice to sit with and i think the sound is pretty awful compared to the wooden acoustics you can get. Id suggest a yamaha or a tanglewood for that much, i think they play and sound much better.

have you played one?

EDIT: He seems to like them but take his advice and play one.
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Unfortunately, there is no real middle ground on ovations. Either you love them, or you hate them, so your best bet is to play it before you buy it. Personally, I want my guitar to be made out of all wood instead of lycrachord.

Plus, I think you'll find a lot better sound from a Washburn or Yamaha in that price range.

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Okay. I'll say this. My guitarist has an Ovation, lycrachord back and all. It's got a nice electric-ish neck, and a very bright, very midrange-treble heavy sound. It's great for playing in a band situation - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums and vocals.

However, they're not for me. Solo, it can sound weak, the small body seems to lack the bassy umph of wooden guitars.

In our band, it works great, we like the jangly acoustic sound. It contrasts and blends well with my other guitarists fuller bodied single cutaway acoustic/Ibanez electric and my bass. They wouldn't work so well for someone just accompanying themselves singing, or probably in a band with a single guitarist. They don't have enough "balls" in their sound for that, in my opinion.

Yes, I'm fully aware that this advice is coming from someone still fretting about their first acoustic purchase... just so happens I know the Ovation.
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If you want an acoustic that mimics an electric, that guitar will work fine for you. Otherwise, you'll likely hate it. I strongly suggest staying away from it.
I play an Ovation Celebrity. They don't sound like most acoustics. Try before you buy. Also, I've disliked all the shallow and mid-depth Ovations I've tried. I believe the one you posted is a mid-depth. The rounded contours make all Ovations a little hard to play if you rest the guitar on your knee.

That said, I like the way my Ovation plays and I like the sound. Then again, I'd love to have a Steinberger...
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