I play modern rock along the lines of Tool, APC, Alice in Chains and so on.
Is this amp any good? The store I buy at ask for fees if they have to order things and it isn't in their stock. But it's a moderately cheap Valve amp. Is it better than the Valveking from Peavy?

Opinions, experiences, please.



EDIT: Oh, i should mention i have an Ibanez RG1570.
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it probably is...The valveking is not a very high gain amp...I mean with a pedal it can reach that, but the amp alone, nah....but I would go with the Valveking because it's a good base, put an overdrive or distortion pedal and you got a great sounding amp.
Sorry, but you just said "Laney's probably better, but I would go with the Peavy, cuz it's a good base." I don't understand that. Please elaborate.
I mean it's better because you dont have to buy pedals....but the Valveking would be a better amp with a pedal behind it...I kinda confused myself on that one :p
I've tried the Valveking, it has a weak distortion channel in my opinion...but it has an amazing clean channel, and it's a very nice bluesy, classic rock sounding amp, now put a pedal behind it and kick it into overdrive, and that thing will scream.
Not necessarily. The Fender Hot Rod Deluxe has an awesome clean channel, but really weak gain. I tried various pedals, and none made it sound better. Have you ever tried the Laney?
Nah...there's very few Laney's here in Tampa, but i would go with the Valveking because it has great reverb also, and it has more output 50/100W
That's a reason NOT to go with the Peavy. More wattage means less saturation in the Rectifier at lower volumes which means a less awesome sound. Van Halen and Blackmore got their tone from heavy rectifier saturation. Nah, 30Watts is more than enough for me.