which guitar is better the Standard or the '61??

and sorry if this is a stupid question but i know the epiphone SG's are SUPER neck heavy so when you let go of the neck it swings to the ground does the SG do that or does it stay??
its neck heavy. the guitarist from one band i listen to plays a ton of sgs, and he just about always lets them hang down when hes not playing and singing a long verse or something.
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awwww how bad is it cus i played an SG ages ago all sat down tho...but still i didnt notice the neck being heavy at all but that may have been from playing alot of my friends Epiophones they are really bad!
personally i like the 61 reissue beacuse of the 57 classics and that cool pick gaurd and the slimmer tapered neck but really coming down to it its all just prefrence
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I have played a Standard SG and I liked it, the neck was too thick for me though. It wasn't heavy at all.
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