Trem bars don't really work with basses that good in genral.
It makes them go out of tune really fast.
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Would a trem bar work well on a fretless bass?
Trems on Basses do work and have done for years; the thing to ask yourself is are they desirable as the Bass guitar is a foundation instrument the creates most of the stability in a band. Listen to an orchestral Pedal Tympani drum and ask yourself if your drummers Bass drum would be ok sounding like one.
For the record I have an old Bass with a trem it still works fine after 44 years.
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i dont think trems are that useful as you can just bend the strings. its more of a guitar thing, but if thats just my opinion, yes it would work, just would be hard to find.
wonder if dimebag's harmonic squeals would work on bass? heh.
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I don't have a trem on my bass but I do some high pitched squels on my bass in my grunge band. Sounds cool...
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I'm not sure what the point of a trem on a fretless bass is, but you can get them. Kahler make one.