I know its not the best wah, but its all money could afford and my mum was giving away £26

Anyway, it came today it was fine for about 3 minutes then my guitar only played when the pedal was pressed, if i unplugged it and plugged it just my guitar and amp or my guitar amp and distortions but not when the wah was plugged in, ONLY if it was pressed on, anyone know whats going on?
Dont know whats going on but i cant believe you actually bought it .
I tried one and it sucks balls. Its like a trebl boost switch and theres no wah to it.

Alltought there arer mods you can do. You can cut out a bigger whole inside of it where the censor thingy is. It will give you more possiblitys.
You can also remove the spring.

You could have bought something else instead man.
Read through it, pressed every switch and tried everything it seems to just work when pressed down, i'll take a look inside it if there arent anyone with solutions, and i'll contact behringer or somethign to find out if its a common thing
Where did you buy it (site) ?
Maybe you can still return it.

Read the reviews at harmony central there usually plenty of info.
I bought it from GAK, and i'm going to take it to my local guitar shop if i cant sort it by saturday then sell it to osmeone for £30 and save up for a dunlop if its totally screwed >___>
Seriously, when you buy ultra cheap pedals its better to go to the shop and try it.
I was on my way buying it but when i tried it i realised how crappy it is.
I doubt that anyone in the right mind will buy it from you, sorry.

Good lesson for you , huh ? NEVER buy without trying !!
Hey I bought a cheap Vintage distortion without trying it, thats fine, and i can easily sell it, theres a shop that buys peoples electronnics and also buys guitars and pedals (and loads of other stuff like that) so i just sell it to them, thye wont know
But i'm taking it into the shop if i cant sort it by saturday they might help.
Quote by Evil_Magician
Sometimes you get lucky when ordering without triying but this is obviously not the case.

everythign else I've ordered is fien (BOSS DS-1 is better than anything I've ever tried) Its just this, anyway its partly sorted and i'm taking it to the shop then getting a new one either way, what i've done is duct taped a piece of card to the back of the pedal so its always ever so slightly wah'd which isnt the best thing but it lets me wah it up.
I meant buying ULTRA CHEAP stuff without trying.
I would buy preety much any boss pedal without trying.