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Whose tone do you like best?

My favorite is Scott Gorham.
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Maybe Andy Timmons "That was then, This is now" era tone. I love Steve Vai's tone and Paul Gilbert's Tone. Guthrie Govan aslso has great tone.
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Hmmm, maybe Slash's or Matt Bellamy's live tone.
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most mid or heavy gain sounds with a fair bit of treble, mids and bass
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ive really been likeing brian may's tone on the bohemian rhapsody solo
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Slash, SRV, Adam Jones, Jeff Buckley
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Whose tone do you like best?

My favorite is Scott Gorham.

+1, and slash.
nice to see that +1, Scott Gorham is the coolest guy ever to pick up a les paul.
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randy rhoads' tone on the tribute album. so smooth and creamy
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paul gilbert. specially when its neck PU...

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I like Andre Olbrich's tone alot. He knows how to use his wah so well it's not even funny.
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I love Gilmour's solo tone, on solos like "Comfortably Numb" and "Money".
For clean tones I love SRV's tone on "Lenny", "Tin Pan Alley" and others. I also love Mark Knopfler's clean tone on the first album.
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Malakians tone from SOAD to Steal this Album... before the Dropped-Db age.
More kick my ass, Dropped-C FTW!

It's about 10 bass, 9 treble, 3-4 mids generally. Love it. IC300 ... mmm good.
the brewkowskis.
youve never heard of them.
gibson exlorer+marshall JCM900=tone heaven
also, tony iommis tone on the "Reunion" album. amazing.
and a perfect circle. of course they use 10000's of dollars worth of gear.
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Per Nlisson/Jonas Kelljegren's distorted tone (The boosted mids make it seem vocal-like), and John Petrucci's cleans (Clear and crisp).
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mick mars has great tone ( too fas for love and shout a the devil era were the best)
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Vogg's (Decapitated) tone is awesome, it's so huge sounding.
And Sami's lead tone here makes me want an SE soooooo bad.
And i really like Hendix's tone on Machine Gun.
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For cleans: SRV and Kurt Cobain

Distorted: Steve Vai and Jimi Hendrix
SRV, EVH, Eric Johnson. In no order.
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Dimebag, Slash, Hendrix's clean guitar tone, SRV and eddie van halen.
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I am also very partial to Mikael Akerfeldt's tone on songs like Windowpane. and Martin Barre's tone; its nasal but classic.
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james hetfield and matt bellamy. especially sir bellamy

i <3 u for mentioning Matt (not in a gay way or anything). His tone is almost close to perfection and is fitted to each song he plays.
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i <3 u for mentioning Matt (in a totally gay way). His tone is almost close to perfection and is fitted to each so0ng he plays.

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and josh homme and the white stripes

+1 for Josh Homme, that man sounds incredible.

But Jack White? Really?
Eddie Van Halen, Slash, David Gilmour, & Eric Johnson.

There are others of course but those are my four favorites.
Since I am a bassist, I absolutely loved Geddy Lee's tone on Rush In Rio. His bass tone otherwise sounds "farty." I love Jimmy Page's and SRV's tones.
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