well ive been trying to decide what to do amp wise because i need something better than the sucky little combo i have now. ive been debating getting a tube amp but i was thinking that it might be possible to just get a cabnet and save some money... what im wondering is, will i be able to just buy a cabnet and run my POD through it or will i need a preamp infront of it
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nope u need a power amp

look at the create power block

it is like $80 and will work fine!!!

or, buy a tube amp, that will give u the best tone!!!

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Do you need anything else if you use the earphones with the podxt live?
Give the Behringer KX1200 a go...if you like the sound of your pod through headphones, then this amp would be the best choice. Yes, it's a keyboard amp, but keyboard amps usually work best for modelers, and it can be had for cheap.