I saw a link to this in another thread
this bass looks kool and is well within my price range at less than £150 with postage

but the cheapness and the fact it is plastic worry me, i carnt find any reviews for it :O not even here!

just wondering if anyone had any answers ?

i already have the old model of the rbx 374 so i only realy want this cos its cheap and looks cool, but its getting on a bit so i was just wanting to know if this would compare ?

thx in advance
im american, so i dont exactly know how much that costs in dollars, but if you dont mind spening the money i would go for it. Acrylic has a really unique sound and could be fun to play with. At that price you could afoord to upgrade some hardware and electronics too.
In my expierience i wouldnt go for a wesley bass im afraid, my mate has a pb-33(i think) and when we used to practise, every note played on the bass rattled. This wasnt due to technique either. But i spose if he would mess with the action etc... then the rattling may go.
Its pretty cheap, you can't go wrong with that price. Also it just looks too good.
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I was so tempted to buy one exactly the same! But the guitarist in my old band had a wesley and one day at practice we heard a "snap" sound and then saw the bridge hanging from the strings somewhere around his knees lol. If you have money to waste its awesome though
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yh i was kinda worried about it breaking easily, but as i said my old bass is getting on, needs some work on it so might just save up for a warrick $$ cos they look nice :p
my friend has one, the bridge is horid and the neck isnt that good, but you what you pay for
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first thoughts: its pink

that aside: i have no idea what the bodies made of, or how it'll sound, so thats a risky thing, as for breaking, it says you have a full year warrenty so at least you're safe for a year.
Well if you buy it take out the electronics and put some new ones in. also if the buzzes adust the action or trussrod. Now if the neck is the problem but a new neck on ebay or www.warmoth.com. If i was u i would buy a vintage Jazz bass neck either late 50's or early 60's.
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Don't buy a $$ because they look nice, buy a $$ because they're ****ing awesome.
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yh well i aint played one yet :P

its a warrick its gonna sound awesome :P

plus its purple the lighting makes it look pink. i rli have no idea about what decent electronics have and atm i could barely afford the bass on its own

but im guessing a good neck would cost a bit and so would eletronics and end of the day its still plastic

thanks for the tips guys

will look into it later ive got to get out now !