Can anyone help me? I started playing guitar about 1/2 a year ago with a les paul jr. Reviews online say its not so good, and I'm finally going to buy a new guitar.

I found this deal on guitar-center
link - click here

epiphone les paul special II + amp, gig bag and tuner
Is the improvement good enough to spend $200 on?
its still not much of an upgrade. I might spend a little more on perhaps a standard or 100. Just an opinion though.
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it's a decent starter package, but that's about it, the amp is terrible...i actually saw a ibanez starter package that looked a little better, but ibanez are better for like metal and stuff, but if you are just starting out, well a guitar is a guitar really...u might wanna save up a little and try and better a better epi or something
i know its not nearly as good as a gibson and such, but its what i can afford. I get no allowance, my parents wont probably lend any money, and im only 14, only got about $210. (btw i got a 40-watt marshal amp already, im asking about the guitar) so if i save for a standard that'd take a whole other year