I'm Looking at Building a Recording Studio, Rate My Buys and Advice is Needed

I've written a lot of Justin King type stuff, and also some acoustic reggae, so I think it is time to get a studio together. Over the summer, I'll probably have 2 or three jobs, making a total of about $100-$150 a week (fyi for my money constrictions)

I think that computer recording is the way to go nowadays right? Well in the future, I'm going to buy a Macbook Pro so I can use Garage band (and final cut for my movies), but my XPS should be fine for now.

Here's what I'm looking at picking up. Tell me if any are bad or if there are any better things out there for a similar price.

PreSonus FIREPOD 10 Channel
MXL V63M Condenser Microphone
Sure SM57 Instrument Vocal Mic
Fender Acoustisonic Amp

Total: ~$1500

Thats just about how much I'll be able to make through the summer after paying off my new guitar, so is that enough to have a decent studio in an insulated closet in my basement?

By the way, I'll use the Acoustisonic amp as my vocal monitor and run my Taylor through it, but my gibson es 335 will run through my tube amp.

What the hell jobs do you have where you make $100-$150 a week TOTAL?! I was making that when I was 15 washing dishes...and that was in 1999 when minimum wage was $5.15/hr.

I don't see how the hell you are going to but a Macbook Pro with that.. the Macbook costs more than all of that equipment you listed combine. I would ask for the Macbook as a Christmas, birthday, or Valentine's Day present. And why the hell would you buy a Macbook pro just for Garageband? That's like saying you are going to buy a 1959 Gibson Les Paul and play through a Rogue Amp. You have the right idea of getting a Mac, but I would look at one of the lower end models. And then get something like Logic, DP, or ProTools.

Every studio needs a Sm57, I've heard the Firepod is good, but judging by recent topics on this board.. maybe not! I am a fan of M-Audio and MOTU products. Don't forget you also need good studio monitors and headphones. Buy a piece at a time.
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First of all it would be a waste to run your taylor through an amp to record it. Acoustic guitars pretty much always sound best recorded with a mic (I know there's one or two companies that make their guitars to sound better through the pickups, but taylor is not one of them).

What are you looking to record? Because if you just want to record acoustic guitar and vocals, a 10 channel firepod is way more than you need. You only need two inputs for acoustic and vocals. It might be worth you looking at getting an M-box by Digidesign. I think they go for somewhere around $500-700, and they come with Pro Tools software which should work on your PC (assuming it's a decent computer) and it'll definitely work on any newer mac (as I understand it.) As for the mics, the 57 is a solid choice, and the other one I don't really know about. I couldn't find any valuable information on it from the internet, so I don't know what to say about it.
I agree with the big crouton and the dutch apple. they may have silly names but, do make sense. I reckon, that it's all about how far you wanna go with your recording. I've been recorded by pro's using an electro accoustic. They didn't ask me where it plugged in. Mic every time. SM 57 is THE bench mark in dynamic mic's.
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Most every studio needs a 57, I don't need one and my music is okay.
Yeah that is really crappy money. Those mac books cost umm THOUSANDS.

Good Luck, if I can do it you can. I personally suggest A Rode nt1a its much better.
I like croutons...

Anyways, if you are really looking to jump to Mac.. you could considering buying a used one. My powerbook is about 3 years old but has suffiecent RAM, Garage Band, etc. A used one typically runs $500-$900. You could also check out the Mac Mini...it's not THAT serious for recording but is cost suffient and could get you started.
I was once heavily prominent on these forums from 2004-2007, let's see how long I can stay now that I'm back.