Poll: Best Boy Band EVER??!!
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New Kids on The Block
7 10%
Backstreet Boys
32 48%
23 34%
3 4%
98 Degrees
1 1%
New Edition
1 1%
Voters: 67.
You can't avoid this question. Who is the best boyband?

I love The Backstreet boys for some of their catchy tunes, 98 degrees has Nick Lachey (HOTTY!), but I would have to go with N'Sync Cause they are straight out of the hood! Can't go wrong with a little new kids on the block either...

Any Opinions?

btw I'm not gay...
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You can't avoid this question. Who is the best boyband?

Yes, you could and should have.
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Where is take that? And five! How could you miss out five?!
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Quote by Gibson06
98 degrees has Nick Lachey (HOTTY!),?

btw I'm not gay...

Interesting how these two sentences contradict each other. Just come out of the closet, it's better on the other side.
I blame boy bands for that nice sized chunk of my soul I no longer have.
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I chose N*Sync because how could anything be gay with Greg Howe as their guiatrist?
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I think the question should be what is the lesser of all the evils
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They are all shite

N*Sync is way better than Metallica... (someone better sig that)
I say Dream Theater cuz John Petrucci's hawt.
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N*Sync is way better than Metallica... (someone better sig that)

yer, at being the phags.

5ive, obiously.

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Fingerbang would own everyone as the top boy band.

I voted NSync cause I'm addicted to the House of Carters. It's like a train wreck. Also, BJ would be really hot if she weren't always drunk.
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yer, at being the phags.

After seeing the Some Kind of Monster documentary I'd say they're giving N'Sunc a run for their money.
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Bye, Bye, Bye is the best song ever!!!!

But how come you didn't include Fingerbang as the top boy band?

cause then there would be no contest...
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Also: 5ive.
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I hereby dub you the UG's new God of Love. Really. That was brilliant.

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the one called lukef speaks the truth.
B2K?...........a black boy band? why?
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Erm... you missed out 5ive! How could you do that?

Out of those lot, I'd have to go for The Backstreet Boys, because they were secretly hardcore.