hi. i need new pickups for neck and bridge, i like metal and shred, dont care what brand i just need a pair, my guitar body is mahogany . thanks and oh no active pickups pls.
Maybe one of the EMG H series. Seymour Duncan Dimebuckers are good metal pickups.
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if you want to play metal, then why NOT active pickups?
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hhmm me thinks dimarzio...dont no which model tho go on the website and see which output etc you want
check out some bare nuckles
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dimarzio are the best
they sound GREAT for soloing

which kind of dimarzios?? neck/bridge
which kind of dimarzios?? neck/bridge

Depends on your amp and the kind of sound you want
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Well if you dont want active (even though thats what you really need for shreading) then all i can think of is Mighty Mite Motherbuckers, now i dont think they make them anymore but they are truely hot pickups ... there is also a Quad-Rail pickup that was installed on some Kramer guitars each one is really two humbuckers, but when we get in to these extreamly high output non-active pickups is that the magnetic force is so strong that it pulls on the stings thereby limiting sustain, so i can only offer caution with high output non-active pickups.