Hell yeah they are.
So good live too!
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our rythym guitarist made up the best rap ever. makes fun of the "milkshake song"

my breakdowns bring all the crews to the pit
and theyre like, "lets dance to this ****!"
damn right, we dance to this ****
I 2 step, windmill and spinkick.
mmm yea awesome band im sad im missing them with have heart and ambitions on sunday
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First of all, I enjoy deathcore for it's complexity and it's the only genre heavy enough for me

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I want an amp good for playing hippie tunes. I want it to be an actual amp, not a tube amp.
I know its a bit early but anyone going to go see them on Feb. 22 at the Chain Reaction with Killing the Dream and Countdown?
I am :]
amazing band. 'from anger and rage' was an amazing album, great vocalist and great lyrics too.
rites of nothing.
Amazing band, I found them a little while ago and fell in love....with the music, not in the brokeback way
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The show was sick!!!
Countdown was also great. All the bands we're great. Great great show. Cant wait till I can see them again in the summer.