Does anyone have Steinberg Cubase LE?

It came with my Alesis Multimix Firewire 8 Mixer and I think its very hard to learn how to use.

Does anyone here have it?
yea, you'll need to just monkey with it and make sure to actually read the instructions and use the help feature. you'll just have to mess with it for a while but when you get used to it it's great.
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It has the steepest learning curve i've ever seen. its like trying to learn chinese compared to Adobe Audition. it is, however, probably 20 times better. I got it with my Zoom, seems like a popular bundle.
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you should try learning how to use the producer edition but seriously, pro studios use Cubase and I like it better than protools, but not as much as Sonar. Its worth learning how to use. Do you have any specific questions, i havent used it in awhile but ill try to answer what i can.
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Ya, once its recorded how do I convert it to another file format like MP3 or something?