UG!! i need help..i am addicted to guitar but lately iv ben playing stuff that has nothing to do with my musical lessons...see the songs i have to play for the lessons come out of a method book... i really just wanna play but need to be taught because i cant teach myself.. i call this the blue time, because i find myself losing all hope of become better... did you guys ever feel this and if so how did u overcome it??
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Well, get a teacher that can give you lessons on the stuff you want to learn. And trust me, there's nothing wrong with messing around outside of lessons. I've taught myself a good amount of stuff by myself.
ummm i guess when i started guitar i always felt like giving up but i made it through and i am addicted now but anyway, i tought myself and u can too. i just spent like 2 months tryin to plays songs on tabs, trust me it makes u better. also if ur at a store look for a guitar magazine good stuff to learn in those

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im completely self taught...i didnt learn out of a book.

dont worry, youll get better, you wont even realise it. i didnt. i went from playing smells like teen spirit, to bark at the moon without realising that i was improving. its okay to play random crap, i know a whole bunch of random crap (Axel F, Rocky theme song, Mission Impossible theme song) it all helps improve
but thing is my teacher does teach me stuff outside of it...like im learning mama said by metallica...and the reason im having problem staying on task with y method book stuff is cuz as soon as i pick up my guitar i start playing some nirvana or metallica or Van halen and get careed off track
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^So? Play all you want, just make sure you have the stuff you need to practice down pat.

While it's good to take technique training like that, you're also responsible for developing your own style of playing, which is what you do when you frig around like that.