Hey I'm sure this probably isnt the best place for this forum, and i'm sorry for that. anywho, Im a 15 year old kid and my band is playing the battle of the bands in march and we need some badass covers to pump the people up. any fun suggestions? We are thinking voodoo child to finish our set, but as far as an opener goes we need something that just...pumps people up. last year it was sweet child and we killed it! (in a good way, we got 2nd outta 10 bands lol) any other ideas anybody? thanks in advance
Immigrant Song.
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think of the hardest and fastest song you guys know how to play
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bodies by drowning pool. everyone knows that song, its easy to play, and it just gets the crowd movin. it should work.
Sgt. Pepper

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Walk or Cowboys from Hell by Pantera if you got that thick distortion working for you.

Or even For Whom The Bell Tolls. Anything with a pounding first few notes or a cool sounding intro.
foxy lady - jimi hendrix
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Wolfmother - Joker and the thief.

Not a hard song to play but it rocks.
Bring on the Nubiles by the Stranglers.

If nothing else you'll have the attention of all the feminists in the audience.
Bro Hymn by Pennywise. Even easier then Joker And The Theif and it rocks twice as hard.

Yeah it's easy, so? People absolutely love it and it is an amazing pump up song.
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Yeah it's easy, so? People absolutely love it and it is an amazing pump up song.

Too right...you don't have to play something technically difficult to get peoples attention...some of the best songs about are some of the simplest.
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Play some burtal Thrash.
Maybe even some speed.

Damage Inc. : Metallica
Primal Concrete Sledge : Pantera
Take No Prisoners : Megadeth
Angel Of Death : Slayer



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welcome home (sanitarium) - metallica

even starts with the word welcome so its a perfect opener
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Come On pt1 - Hendrix (I think its a cover maybe? Dont know who wrote it)

Rock n' Roll - Led Zeppelin

Those would be great openers IMO.
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try something easy and that rocks hard that you wont screw up.

for instance.. if you can pull off cant stop by the red hot chili peppers.. that one goes over well because theres rock and funk and a little bit of rap flair to it... additionally it has a powerful solo that isnt hard at all.

We did freebird (did it about 90% accurate) and people were like.. ok.. then when they were leaving we did sweet child o mine and people went nuts.. started walking back in.

just find something worth it and have fun

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Funky Crime - RHCP

thank god for your sig DeSean, I've been trying to find out for ****ing forever what that song was

EDIT:to stay on topic, I guess Walk is a good choice
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Slither - Velvet Revolver. It has a great drum intro, works well as an opener.
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Man that's badass.

Song 2- Blur

EVERYONE knows it
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i just fell in love with this song and most people know it
Enter Sandman(pun intended again)-Metallica
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Doesn't Joker and the Thief have a polyrhythmic section? Doesn't seem to easy to me... Good pump up song. Any AC/DC would be good, 'cept for maybe You Shook Me All Night Long. That's always a closer.
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Back In Black, Welcome To The Jungle, Enter Sandman, Master Of Puppets, Sweatings Bullets, Symphony Of Destruction. Common known songs, that make people feel good. Make sure you like them also!



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It's not rape if you yell surprise.

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Girls his dad's age rarely still have nice asses. Gravity attacks.