Does anyone have any good tips for learning how to coordinate myself into singing and playing chords at the same time? I'm looking to learn how to sing while I play songs like 45, Wonderwall, Santeria, etc. Things like that. I'm having a very tough time, though. I can play the songs, just not sing to them while playing.

Thanks in advance.
Learn the parts so you can play them in the dark. That way you don't use your mind and are able to recall them as if it is an instinct. Then you can pay attention to the lyrics and timing instead of what notes you are playing.
The answer to this - like almost all questions like it - is practice. You'll get the hang of it.

More specifically, learn the parts separately and then put them to gether, and just try to get the feel of it down.
I just wrote a huge article about this that will be coming out really soon, but till then, ill give a few pointers. Make sure you can hold down your own with both singing and playing. Like do them individually many times through to get the hang of it. Patience is the key as well.
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yeh just play sing each verse and chorus at a time so u get them all perfect then try and play the whole song together, i have trouble sining and playing to but this is what im trying
Learn the words before you start playing, think of it like a poem

Then, Slow the song down really slow, and begin singing it, figure out if the verses start on an up-strum or down-strum, then slowly increase your speed.

The main rule is: Strive for ACCURACY, not Speed. The speed will come.
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