Well, i hope the name of the song has grabbed your attention. My friend Ben and I (adrian) are in a small side project from our main metal group.

Basically, we emerged when we realised we're far too silly to be in a metal band without something to let off our stupid ideas.

So please check it out and flame and abuse! Cause thats what the internet is for right

Circumsong - Electric Love Ponies
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The guitar sounds good, and the vocals true and the drums are ok.
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Pretty creative song. Hard to get good sound quality on a video. This would sound a lot better as just a recording. You have a change in the song that speeds up and I think it would sound better being the same speed as the rest of the song. Can't tell if that was intentional or not. I like your song a lot. Just with the sound quality were better.

Would you mind reviewing Calico Girl?

Thanks a lot for some good criticism. Yeah there is an intentional speed up there on my behalf, we started a tad bit slow and i realised since i'm really not a drummer i'd eventually mess up. Easier drumming faster than slower

I'll definately try to get a better quality version. A friend has offered to record for free, so hey! Why not

The video is pretty dodge but its 4mb lol!
I apologise for my pretentious signature.