im a beginner and i want a bass for $200 or $250. any ideas???? plus what amp should i get??????
try a squire p or j bass they are ok i guess. the fact is your a beginner so you won't tell the difference of good to bad to insane quality. plus you wont get great quality for that low price so i say a squire
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Ok first things first. Stop with the ???? ok?

Secondly a good beginner bass as anyone would tell you is an Ibanez GSR 200 I think that's what it's called I've heard good things about it's beginner bass status. THe other one I would reccomend would be a Squier P-bass or J-bass. A P-bass if you like a punchier tone for punk and metal but you won't be able to get alot of versatility out of it. A J-bass if you play anything at all. It's uber versatile and you can play anything on it.

A good starter amp is generally hard to come by. It's pretty much a toss up, as long as you stay away from behringer you should be ok until you feel the need to upgrade. Anything in the 15 watt- 30 watt range should be good.
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and go w/ an ibanez they have really good beginner ones for like 180
either a Squire J-Bass or an Ibanez. They offer starter packs that come with amps. I have a squire p-bass and the stock amp. Works fine.
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i got a Yamaha bass and amp for $300 in a package that had everything you need to start. I have been pretty happy with it so far. Its better than the Squire bass packages that cost the same price. The Yamaha bass is better made that the Squire and the amp was also a lot better than the Fender amp.
if you live in AUS (or NZ) get an ashton starter pack
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Get either Squier or Ibanez bass. Check out the Fender Rumble 15 or 25 for amps.
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I fully endorse the Squier P-bass The reason I went for it rather than a cheapo bass is that even though it's made in China, you know that the parts have a minimum level of quality. It stays in tune, the frets are even, the neck is straight and adjustable.

Even if you're a beginner you'll notice if your guitar doesn't stay in tune or if the frets aren't even, and you'll get frustrated.

Just one note though, on the P-bass I bought one of the factory strings was dead already. I had to get the strings replaced immediately.
i say go for the ibanez gsr too, it looks sweet, plays great, and is right in your price range
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i say go for the ibanez gsr too, it looks sweet, plays great, and is right in your price range

i agree
but if bass is something that you look to continue playing bass, you will have to be willing to spend money on a good bass.
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When you're a beginner you don't really know what to take. So my tip would be to go to your local music store, ask someone in the store that you're looking for a bass, that you're a beginner and what your budget is. He will find you something a couple of models for your budget and they'll even show you how they sound. Usually stores sell beginner kits for really cheap and they come with the bass, amp, cables and case. Also you might want to pick up a stand for it so your bass can be held safe because accidents can happen anytime.