My friend said EVH made his own line of guitars. I heard hes with fender making an exact replica of his Frankenstein guitar. I cant find any info on the fender website. where can i find some info? anyone here know anything?
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he made his own guitars yes, but he didnt have like an official evh production line run by him. Although, he has had several signature models from companies i.e. kramer; steinberger; ernie ball; peavey etc.
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They are doing like 300 exact replicas of his guitar. They cost $30,000 I think. Pretty dumb considering you are buying a guitar that has been beat to hell. Great avatar by the way.
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They'd better be better guitars than those pieces of crap Charvel cranked out and charged $3000 for.
newest guitar world has the info, and a video on it.
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