okay so, i was was recently "dumped" from a relationship.. that lasted only 3 weeks. and i really hate the kid i was dating now because, he comes out and says he's gay and decides to date me, but now he's "confused about his sexuality" so he's not sure if he's gay or bi so i figured it didnt matter anyway and i'm sure i could have talked to him about it, but instead he just gets rid of me altogether. now i hate him and avoid him at any given chance. fun, huh? well yeah, so he dumped in an instant messenger (the least personal method EVER) which is what "with the press of this button", the first line of the poem refers to. and all the talk of flame is reference to him being a cmoker, which i think is gross. i also chose to quote random lines from the Dir En Grey song "Kodou" which is where the random Japanese comes from, but it fit with the song and i like their lyrics and music alot...


With the press of this button
I will shatter into pieces
So make room
For my collapse
And hope you're not engulfed in the flame

Into the starter fire
The flames arise and burn the flame
Of human nature
With knowing that everyone is all the same

You must be a romanticist
Through the length of your words
Sazokashi romantisuto nan darou ze
Because this
Is not what I wanted

Shrill cries of dead emotion
And the curtain breaks
Through the surface
And my breath is revealed
Through an entrance everyone daunted

Definitions of paper's face
Take form to none
The race begun
And no one won
I realized how it got to this

Heya de hitori kodou wo kanade sakebu
Distortion leads to broken strings
I sit in my room as my heartbeat screams
And never before
Had I lived through this bliss

So should you be tempted to say anything
Anything at all
Take a breath and think
Before I fall
I will be the one catching you

The sun rises to the west
Yet your face has no eyes
I see the skin of pale dismay
To wonder why
This morning feels so new