Ok, so I wrote some death metal. The drums are a complete and utter pile of crap. The ending isn't too great, doesn't fit in, and the solo could use a lot of work. It's also not done. I don't really know why I used a six-string bass and didn't even take advantage of it. I guess I just wanted the option.
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pretty good, i liked most of the riffs, the solo idd needs some work. The bass solos were very cool!

I thought there was nothing wrong with it at all. You could make it longer I suppose and the bass parts were great also.
I thought it was pretty good as well. Reminded me alot of Cannibal Corpse.
The little bass solo things added a good flavour to it, and the guitar solos were cool as well, they had an evil feel to them.

Good job.
i dont like the very opening riffs but the rest is great, the bass is awsome and the rest of the riffing is good i like the solo aswell its very necrophagist of you, and like the other guy said it coulda been longer but its was nice :snyper: (<--lol i forgot that was changed to snyper)
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Why in the hell is it poly sounding?!



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I wasnt a huge fan of the first intro riff, but the second one was great, but bars 11-44 were excellent. I think the solo would sound good, but it was poor quality sound, but I think with a better sound that would work. Overall good, with excellent bass, but would be great if it was a bit longer maybe? As I said that was some fantastic bass in the song.
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Thanks everyone. Yeah, I did kinda slap together the first riff. And if you read my first post, it's not done yet so I'm still trying to figure out where to go from after the solo.
this is a pretty good song man. yeah, i agree what they said about length though. good job man.
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the harmonization maybe a little unnessecary. i loved all the riffs, and i thought the solo was pretty good. great death metal, sanders and suicmez would love it im sure

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Yeah I guess I might've gone overboard with the harmonizing. :P
Ok guys, got rid of the first riff and replaced it, but I don't like it much and I feel as if I ripped it off from someone. I also added a bit more at the end, but I kinda pulled it outta my ass. The last like 10 measures. Just some minor key messing around at the last 6.
I liked it. Well, the intro wasn't that good, but the rest was. I loved the solos a lot, they were great! Tho I didn't like the break in the middle of the solos.

Oh, and hint: Try using drum kit 16. At least if you aren't using RSE - I stopped using it a long time ago, dunno if you people use it.
tis bloody brutal
now all u need is cannibal corpse or dying fetus vocals and you're set
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Sounds very much like something a tech-death band like Cynic or Atheist, or even Necrophagist, would play. I love it - Roger Patterson and Steve DiGiorgio would be proud of the bass work in there as well.
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The intro reminded me of Cannibal Corpse, and one of the riffs sounds like it was from Foul Body Autopsy by Necrophagist. But, I'm not going to lie, this is pretty awesome.
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Wow i liked that i really had a cannibal sound to it but it might have had to much of a CC sound. The riffs were pretty killer and the solo sounded like deicide. the song was pretty short i would repeate a few of the riffs though. give it more of a song structure

Other than that you have a pretty damn good song. its obviouse that you know how to write killer death metal but you need to find your own style.

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Good job man - that was pretty awesome. I can totally hear the Necrophagist influence in there.