I think my action may be messed up on my guitar...but I'm not sure. When I went off to college, I left it at home. When I came back for break I picked it up again and I've been playing it, and I realized the action was a little wierd (or maybe I just forgot how it used to be). It hasn't had any radical temperature change; it's just been sitting on a stand in my room. It also hasn't warped either.

At the head, the space between the neck and the strings is about 2 mms, and really close to the frets.

The space gets wider as you go down the neck, at the body end, the gap is 8 mms.

I've tried tightening and loosening the truss rod, and it doesn't do anything. I'm afraid to turn it too much, or it would make it much worse.

Is the action just supposed to be that way? If the action is messed up; how do I fix it?
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Take it to a pro to get setup properly. (and restrung while your at it)
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i can tell its your neck from the second picture and like the other guy said get a pro to fix it
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