Hi, I've been reading that MoP is a song that is essential to learn if you're planning to move on past power chords. The threads say it's a good beginner's song because of the right hand workout, but do I learn the solo too?

I've been playing for like a year and a few months and I suck shit at soloing so I'm just curious if the MoP 2nd solo is supposed to be learned along with the other riffs if you're a beginner-intermediate player (I have all the riffs and the harmonization part learned already).
what you were told is bull shit,
to understrand better use of chords you dont need a song to teach it to you,you need theory.
It is a good song to learn thought for your right hand ,if you play the whole song all downpicked.

Now for solos get a metronome and learn scales,and then start to learn solos.
Remember thought soloing on a guitar is crap unless you have good rhythm,
you must develop good rhythm first..
who wouldn't wanna take the time to learn such a great song anyways?
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um only one thing to do, practice....... who needs theory anyways, i only have 120 hours of lesson and Bam! next thing I know i'm playing eruption
thats not a begginer song ive been playing bass+guitar for 2 years it's a workout and the solos are all about the fingering make chords and shit to get to the next note quicker if you didn't no that.
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I've been playing 35 years and the 2nd solo still gives my hands a good workout but like others say why not, it couldn't hurt, altho a bit of theory does help too