Hey Everyone,

About a week ago I posted some questions concerning helping me find a good blues-rock amp in the Guitar Gears. Unfortunately I got few replies and the few that I did get weren't very good.

So I figured I'd start a "blues amps" thread and repost it here in the hopes of getting better responses. I think our community is a bit more close-knit then a lot of the others so i'm hoping for better comments.

Hello Everyone,

I'm going to be upgrading my amp shortly. But i'm still undecided as to what i'm going to get. I'll give you the low down...

-I really don't want to spend more then 500$ CDN.

-I'm going to be using this in university dorms etc. So i don't want it to be very large, but at the same time I want it to be useful for basic gigging. (bars etc.)

-I play mostly blues-rock stuff, coupled with some exotic styles of music. But i use pedals for all my effects so all i really need is a fantastic yet versatile clean tone.

-Needs to be a tube amp.

Currently i'm looking at the Fender Blues Jr, but i'm still not quite sold on it. Could anyone give me some comparable amps to consider?

All help is appreciated.


As for this thread itself, feel free to post everything pertaining to blues amps and pedal/amp combos. You can post you're own, reviews, wish-lists anything really, as long as it's blues baby!

Peace Out and Thank You.
um.. well I would get a blues deluxe or deville (see sig)

but those are pretty damn loud... You can keep them low( in the dorm room), are you willing to have semi crummy tone in your room, but amazing tone live?

I would recommend the blues junior as well, why aren't you sold?
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ya theres a 30watt deville with a 12 inch speacker its load enough to play over a drumset but if u like cleans you need a higher powerd amp... my strat is the only guitar that i have that really overdrives those fenders i can never really get a clean sound unless i use a origional bassman
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The blues junior is definitley something to consider, i have one (Fender tweed to be specific) and it sounds great. I generally play clean or with only light distortion (mostly blues-rock but some funk and things as well) and on a strat they sound great together. I think the Fender tweed has a different speaker than the normal one, which I will acutally look up now that I'm thinking about it. It also has the mastre volume control, though you probably know that, so good for your dorm.

(Yeahm I'm pretty certain the tweed has a better speaker and it makes the differenec)
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Epiphone Valve Jr...with an extension cabinet. defintely check it out, i hear grand things about them. i own a Peavey Classic 30 but i think it might be kinda loud for your setting.
BLues Jr.

I have one and just replaced the tubes with JJ NOS tubes, and wow my tone is Huge Fat and sparkles and low to high volumes.
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I would recommend the blues junior as well, why aren't you sold?

I'm pretty much sold on it actually. But so far i've heard no other suggestions for comparable amps.
I'm not the type of person who makes an investment as important to me as my guitar amplifier without first looking through all the options availble.

Thanks for the posts so far. I believe at some point TNfootballfan62 mentioned an Ampeg Reverberocket at some point and said it was unbelievable. Could anyone elaborate on that too? How about the Epi Valve jr. that TUMFP mentioned?

I'm looking for first-hand experience playing or owning these things btw.

Thanks very much for all the replies so far!


Edit: My only real beef with the Fender Blues Jr. is that because of the smaller wattage you get a gorgeous natural overdrive when you crank it up, but as a result it's harder to get a clean tone that's fairly loud. Although i'd most likely be using a tasteful overdrive more anyways so it's not a huge issue for me. That, and I don't have any money to upgrade it any and i've never seen a tweed one, even though they look awesome.
eeesshh...the Epi Valve Jr. is a A-Class 5-Watt Head (or combo....but head has been recommended as better) where as the Blues Jr. is 15, but either speaking in tube volume...is much louder than i expected the first time
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That, and I don't have any money to upgrade it any and i've never seen a tweed one, even though they look awesome.

It's easy enough tyo find online, I was just lucky rnough to find mine in sound control. It was right beside a blues Jr and it sounded much clearer. I couldn't really help you with any other amps though (Other that to asy the I didn't really like the AC30 or the peavy that I played, haha)
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I picked up a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. The Blues Jr. I liked because it would be playable at my house. But ultimately I went with the Deluxe because I like the tone just a *tad* bit more, and I liked the idea of having more watts/headroom if I ever have to somewhere unmic'd.

My recommendation is you give a bunch of amps a try because some people like, say, the sound of a DRRI and some like the sounds of Fender Twins. There are even some who like the sound of the Blues Deluxe more than the Hot Rod; which is strange, since the HRDx are BD and them some.

Oh yea. I like Fender's for blues amps btw. :p
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I recently bumped into something on Musicians Friend that looks rather promising.

It's the Epiphone Valve Standard Combo. All tube, 15w, a few features.

I've been reading reviews on harmony centeral and it sounds like just the ticket. My only concern is how it will sound with my sharp texas special single coil, as the general consensus seems to be that it's best played with humbuckers. It also happens to be about 100 bucks cheaper then the Blues Jr.

So I think i've narrowed it down to either this or the Blues Jr. They both have similiar design intentions, pros, and cons. So i think it's just a matter of my prefrence. I'm going to go to a store and try the both of them out and see how I like 'em, which will result in my ultimate decision. However, i'd like to get the opinions of my fellow guitar slingers, so between the two, which would you go for?

Epiphone Valve Standard Combo VRS. Fender Blues Junior

Who'll it be folks?

well...the Blues Jr. is notorius for being more than "well-matched" more like a match made in heaven with single coils...a la Strats. i have 2 Texas Specials in my strat and use a Peavey Classic 30, and it sounds great. i just dont use much treble...but never really have i love my mids
I just picked up an Epiphone Blues Custom. It's a gooder.
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I'm a bit of a fool when it comes to amps, but I was wondering if you could make any amp work with any pedal, if you see what I mean?. Like, would a heavy distortion pedal work with a blues-specific amp or would it sound like sh*t? And why?
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As far as I know any pedal will work with another amp but that doesn't mean it will sound good. For example an overdrive pedal will sound best with a tube amp since that is what they are made for but that doesn't mean that if you connected an OD pedal to a solid-state amp that it won't change your sound.

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Don't want to be a writer with my thoughts out on the page
Don't want to be a painter 'cause everyone comes to look
Don't want to be anything where my life's an open book

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I got a used Fender Blues Deville for about $300 at a Guitar Center. It's a clean 180w tube amp with a reverb/ overdrive footswitch. It has a very deep creamy clean tone, perfect for blues. It's also insanely loud, i've never played with the volume knob above 2 for fear of blowing out a wall. This thing has serious balls, i love it.
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My vote goes to the Fender, but maybe take a look at the Peavey Delta Blues. I've heard some good things about them, and it seems to fit your style nicely.
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Go for one of the Laney VC series.
I use one (15 watt, all tube) with my strat and it's great and can played over a band if you're willing to crank it a bit. I've also used the 30 watter (the one with 2 12 inch speakers) and it's plenty loud.
When I got it I was either going to get it or a blues junior, and I found that the overdrive on the Laney to be much more toneful than the fender, and about $400 AUS cheaper. Dunno how you'd go finding on in Canada though.
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can anyone recommend a good solid state for blues. I know the Fenders are O.K, but I am willing to consider something else
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^goin to SS becuz of price becuz if so i recommend looking at a USED Blues Jr. or the Epiphone Valve Jr. (w/ cab it'll run $250 tops)

those are tube, but not expensive due to size...but nonetheless LOUD