so i just got q-parts straplocks for my epi lp ultra. however, the part that screws into the guitar wont go in because the hole in my guitar is for a #8 screw and the part that came w/ the straplock set can only use a #6 screw (for those not familiar w/ screws, a #6 is smaller than a #8). is there anything i can do or do i just need to get different straplocks?
you have a few options... buy a bigger screw or you get a wood glue or epoxy and fill the hole.

edit: and then after you filled it in, you screw the number 6 screw in it, creating a new hole.
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yea i tried getting a bigger screw but it wouldnt go through the metal piece im trying to attach to my guitar. i like the wood glue idea tho i think ill give that a try thanks a bunch
you want to shove as many toothpicks into the hole as will fit. then shoot in wood glue, and screw in thru the sticks and glue with the original screw. let set, itll hold for a year or two.

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