Now I know this isn't the most logicial forum to post this in but I don't have the time to search through the web all night, and this is the only forum I actually pop into once and a while. Despite this being a pretty immature place full of young kids, I hope there is somebody out there who has some information for me. If anyone knows absolutely anything about photo printing, please help me out, or if you happen to know of a forum that can directly help me, drop the link!

I'm buying an Apple iMac desktop computer shortly, and since you get a rebate for a printer for it, I was also going to buy a photo printer, specifically for my sister. She's always going out, spending hours at a local store to print her digital photos, so I thought it'd be much more convenient to get her a printer which could do the job. Now, considering each photo costs about 50cents (Canadian), and she tends to do these pictures often, and in quantaties usually of 60 or so.....does it make more sense to just have the printer where she can do this is the convenience of our home, and only worry about buying the neccessary paper and ink cartridges? My main thought is if it is worth the money or not, seeing as how ink cartridges arn't exactly cheap.

I'm going to be calling up Apple with this same question on Saturday, but until then, if anybody knows anything about this and can help me out, I'd appreciate it.