so I've been playing for about a month now, but i have trouble when it comes to some chords. stuff like this:


What should i be doing to get so i can get into these chords better? is there some kind of stretching i can do? every time i try one of these my fingers seem like they can't stretch that far.
keep practicing.. i been playing for a year and i got it... you gotta keep doing that or you can put your fingers on four frets.. each on a different fret so you stretch.. or type or play video games.. lol

edit* also its a bar chord and that is really hard to do for many people who just started.. dont worry.. you'll get it
Make sure u can play open chords well first. Means u can play loads which keeps confidence up, then start mving onto barre chords gradually.
What you've got there is what I know as a concert chord, it's a variation of a barre chord. Ex. if you take an F major chord and slide it up the neck grabbing the big E string notes with your thumb you have concert chords, a barre chord variant. My best advice to you on this is to 1) just like a regular barre chord roll your first finger towards the headstock of your guitar, not alot just enough to use a little of the side of your finger. 2) Pull your elbow on your left hand towards your body, this will be a bit awkward at first but it will give you a little more leverage with your left hand and it will slightly tilt your left hand towards the headstock. 3) learn open chords first if you don't already know them, chords like F major can really help condition your fingers and hands to progress to barre chords, then move on to basic barre chords, b minor is a good starting point, then after all those try the chord your having trouble with.