who cares?
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Well, when I'm fapping, I sometimes look at my left hand and wonder what could have been ....
Id use it to make up for my lack of awesomeness, if i had sweet rack such as one of those. Id be set for life man...
That is so funny. Athena shield totam. So useless.
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Holy crap, that looks awesome. I wish I had one.
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Well, looks like I have something new to save up for.

Dude those are sweet. I would love to have 4-5 of those in my living room to show off my guitars.
What the ****?????????


i'd rather buy A TV and throw it out of the windows when having a crazy drunk ass party with all my buds and from the rest of the money buy all the booze

but wtf? you guys actually like the way it looks?

I could have a custom made standard look way much cooler for that price >_>
wot are they???
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Id rather buy a used car and drive it off a cliff for fun rather than put that on my wall.....
I downloaded a .exe once, opened it, and it pretty much nailed my computer, and yes, by nailed I mean, got it's **** out and shoved it in my computers ass.
what a load of crap.
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