Get a Soundclick.com account. your file host is a pain. Pretty good blues riffs. Sound quality isn't so good but I suspect you know that. Use a Shure SM 57 mic and find out what settings to use by a yahoo search. I liked it. It's a good start. Good luck with that.

If you recorded on you computer you need a new sound card. I use Soundblaster XFI Extreme Music which is pretty good and they sell for about $75 at best buy.

Would you mind reviewing Calico Girl?

You are on the right track!!! You can complete your bends. I hate it so bad when someone will play a bend but completly half ass it. You're a good blues player!

You can even do some licks that Ive never done. Just get a mic and you will sound badass.

What type of amp and guitar do you use?
thanks guys. I use a epiphone G-400 custom and a marshall 100hdfx.
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