A new song. I started this like 2 months ago and kinda put it off until recently, but i really like it. *Remember, I am no drummer, so do not tell me that the drums are bad.* and Crit4Crit of course. Thanks.
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You have some pretty cool harmonies. Riffs are cool, they keep the rhythm of the song without getting to complicated. The solo is really good, though a little too long. And work on the ending of it. It's not that bad, but it is kinda abrupt. (the ending of the song and the solo)

Overall, nice job dude, and thanks for the crit
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very nice. bar 48 and onwards was my favorite part. keep it up.
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Really nice, I love that riff at Bar 25... the whole thing flows together really well, and nice use of triplets. Also that part where the bass starts the repeat of the intro riff, brilliant.

At bar 56... that is definately my favorite part, where that riff starts slower, then speeds up with the harmonization... and the Solo, love it all.

Very nice
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i like everything .. to me best part is in the bar 56 and the solo was great ... im wondering what kind of lyrics you have for the song
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I loved it. The whole thing. I actually thought the drums were good, too. Oh, and the first solo... Just fantastic.

Only problem with the drums was the huge cymbal clash or whatever, what, 5 hands or what? Maybe 4. Hehe. But I got the point.

I say the song is pretty much perfect.
the riff after the intro was pretty predictable. the one after was better, it had a new progression but the same gerneral feel. the bass interlude was the same riff pretty much again, ur harmonies are really awesome too. all great riffs, it definately needs more rhythm, it doesnt have much texture. overall i liked it. good job.

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wow thanks alot everyone. oh and about the cymbal crashes, it seemed really quiet when i was writing it.. so yeah, 6 is always better than 1. lol
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Ibanez RG3EX1
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Ibanez Weeping Demon
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