Alrighty..I have a question about fixing a guitar Headstock. My friend recently cracked/split the headstock on his Gibson SG, and is now willing to sell it off real cheap ($100 with hardshell case). So I was wondering how fixable this is..and the difficulty of it. Is it worth buying into? Does anyone know where I can get a basic guide on this? And how easy will it be able to sell something that has had a major repair like this? Picture is below..


It could have broken clean off, you're lucky. Just use lots of Titebond, and clamp the wood back together. I broke a headstock, and it seems to be even stronger after a liberal Titebonding.

BTW, what kind of SG?
Oof. That hurts just to look at.
It's an SG faded special. I've got one just like it.
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Gibson Sg Faded...and how noticeable will it be if I just titebond it? should playability be affected if repaired in this manor?
How in the hell did that happen?
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yup, i dunno what titebond is, but it sounds like glue, just put a bunch in there and then keep it clamped for a while, should be oky doky
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Playability won't be affected if you titebond and CLAMP it a lot. After that you should sand off the excess glue and stuff.
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I don't know exactly what happened..but something along the lines of a friend dropping it or knocking it off the stand. If its a simple clamp and glue job..it sounds easy enough. Will I be able to sell this though, as I assume the crack will still be noticeable...?
even if you cant fix it buy it anyways because of how cheap they are selling it for, and you can always buy a new neck or take one off another guitar. i know i would buy it.
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Thanks for the tutorial..Ill pretty much just follow it. Complete the snap, paste around some titebond, clamp, sand and mebe some clearcoat. Looks pretty solid. Thanks for the help..
Hi Jason,

Your break is right at the highest tension point on the headstock. Make sure that the glue dries before you string it back up or it will pull itself apart in no time.

If you have problems with it pulling apart I would put a brass plate on the back of the headstock to spread out the load. You may have to drill through the headstock and add something on the front side as well. It will add weight to the head end, which may throw the balance off a bit, but it will also have more sustain.

In any case, to get this repaired so it would only detectable by a trained eye is not something that you will be able to pull off on your first attempt, and this will definately affect the value of the guitar.

If I were you, I would buy it and plate it, then put on a polished brass pickguard and hardware and play it.

damn, i dont thank that is the result of it falling off a stand. did someone land on it perhaps?

but ya... project guitar will tell you everything you need, i was just looking at how to repair a cracked neck on there while browsing soldering and stuff... but i think someone posted a link to it above me.
Yea..so apparently the kid sat on it? But anyhow..Ill be taking care of this project this weekend..complete the snap..titebond..clamp..and then cleanup work. Thanks for the help
That kind of break happens all the time on 1pc necks. Thats why I never use 1 pc necks. Lucky for you it's an easy fix. Break it the rest of the way off. I know you think that sounds crazy but you can't get a good joint without finishing the break. So break it all the way off then glue it down with tightbond (just like other people here have already said) then wipe the extra glue off with a damp rag. It'll take you 15 min max. There is a tutorial somewhere on www.projectguitar.com but I can't be bothered to find it for you.
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