I have an ESP model is MH-100QMNT (http://www.guitarvillage.com/Solids/ESP-LTD/mh-100qmnt-blackcherry.jpg) and I have an ibanez amp, 10 watts I think. I've been playing for about 6 months. I was thinking of getting a bigger/better amp if I plan on playing in shows soon (I'm actually learning guitar pretty fast compared to other people according to my teacher). However, the guitar I have was only 270, and I plan on getting a job soon to afford the cost of this. If I get a new guitar what is reccommended for say... intermediate level? Or is my current guitar good for a long time?
That guitar is plenty good for a beginner and intermediate level. Defentailly focus on getting a very good amp before you upgrade your guitar.
I play rock mostly. Incubus is my favorite band. I'm thinking about 300 dollars?
get a good amp, if you get a good real guitar sure you probably can play much better and all, but youll sound like crap without a good amp.
absolutely get a better amp. a 10 watt ibanez really just wont do you any justice, especially as you become better at the guitar.
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Even a $1000.00 guitar is going to sound lousy through
a cheap 10 watt amp.

Get a better amp, for now.
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Quote by ratzgame
I play rock mostly. Incubus is my favorite band. I'm thinking about 300 dollars?

Incubus is my favorite band too. So, I'm going to grace you with my opinion.
If I were you, I'd get this amp. It's a great amp for anything from Alternative to Hard Rock. And, it's around your price range. The guitar you have now is great. It'll last you a while. Hope I helped.
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