I just got my blues jr. today in the mail from musiciansfriend...it's the THIRD one they've sent me, and this one finally 1. got to my house and 2. wasn't broken


when I plugged in to play, when I turned the reverb knob, it didn't change anything at all..can somebody tell me why this might be? and if it coul dbe a simple thing like the spring reverb wires being disconnected or something ....PLEASE help me, I really love the sound but I need reverb.
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i just wouldnt be able to keep a broken amp.

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you should have bought one at a store so you could have tried it out be for you bought it. I would send it back and find a store.
Maybe it cost ALOT more at a store^^ because thats what I often find, it can be up to double price on some items, so maybe the TS doesnt want to pay another 100 or so.

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I honestly cant tell you what it could be, Im not no amp specialist, you could take it to your local guitar store and see if they can have a look at it, and if its fix-able for not alot ofmoney, you might as well get it done, if not, return and get another sent like you have done already.
look in the back and make shure the cables are fully plugged into the metal box on the bottom, cause thats the reverb
Yea, make sure the cables are plugged into it.
If it still doesn't work, send it back and either get another one, or haggle in a shop for it to get it near the same price as online.
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