Im rebuilding a strat and I need to get new pots. I'm fairly new to pots, so wtf do I get? I know I want 250K (single coil blah blah) but I know this is a noob question, but from www.stewmac.com I would just get the standard pots, right? I would get 3 (1 for volume, 2 for tone) of the same one, right?
you could get 500k volume pot and get more punch maybe? but you can get specific audio and tone taper pots if you want, i dont remember which is which but one tapers at a constant rate and one does something else
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Hey btw are pickup covers easy to change?

On single coil pickups yeah, they come right off.
You can even paint them too

Not all pots are the same. You want audio pots. Audio pots taper different than linear pots. They taper logarithmicly so they work with the human ear better, but at stew mac i thinks its safe to assume they are audio pots.