I'm wanting to buy a mulit-effects pedal. i've read some reviews and they all have their good and bad, so i was kind of curious on what experience people have had. I like to play everything to classic rock to New metal, to Blues. I like alot of different styles. i'd like to have something that i can switch back and forth quickly and on the fly, like going from clean to distorted. I don't really want to spend more than about 150 on it either. Any help will be appreciated. THanks.
150 budget........

you aint getting anything good........
the only multi-effects thing I've used for under $150 is the Behringer V-Amp (which after 3 years of tweaking found a really BA rectifier modeler). You won't be able to change effects quickly though because it is a stomp-box.
For your budget I think something like this would be best:


Or for a little less $:


If you can scrounge up $300-$400, a Boss GT-8 or Line 6 PODxtLive would be the way to go IMO but those little Zoom units give you alot of sounds and effects for the money.
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Korg AX1500G maybe?

It's prolly about $200 Canadian, so less in USD or whatever currency you use.
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^^ yeah! save up for this.

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and USD is equal to how much in US dollars?

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so basically they are all decent pedals, but none that you can really switch to different sounds in a hurry, unless you spend 3 to 400 bucks on one. I just play at home, and with a friend of mine, but that's about it now. Any other suggestions, i could probably spend a little more, but i definately don't wont' to spend more than about 400. what about the digitechs?