Well, the time has come. I'll be going overseas and will not be able to bring my DeVille with me, no matter how much I want to. For that reason, I'm looking to trade it for a smaller all tube amp + some cash/pedals, or just cash if the price is right. I'm thinking $500 + s&h (if money order. $510 if paypal due to ridiculous fees), and it won't be cheap. I'd like to do it locally. These go for $800 on musicians friend. it's in great condition, no tears, great tubes. only problem is that the power light on it went out. not a big issue whatsoever. i'd be willing to do trades for other stuff, but please be reasonable. this amp produces golden cleans.


Great effect, just can't seem to get a sound I like. Not for me. BRAND NEW CONDITION. used for less than an hour. As if it were new. looking for trades or $100 + s&h. check out the sound using the link below. fairly complicated and unique effect. there's a video on there too now.



"Strictly limited to 1000 copies for mailorder ONLY! This combines GSL95 and GSL96 releases (Frances the Mute triple LP AND Frances the Mute/The Widow 12" single) - total of four (4) 12" records inside their standard printed jackets, pressed on GLOW IN THE DARK vinyl. Housed in a custom-made, embossed red vinyl "hood" to match the characters in the LP cover image. Not available elsewhere, and will not be re-pressed." - from GSL. i ordered one of these and they sent two. lucky me! $40 & shipping (save yourself $13 or so). i'll also trade for unplayed volta vinyl. I need amputechture and scabdates. pedals as a trade are also welcome. P.S. YOUR COPY IS SEALED, THE PICS ARE OF MINE.


Not quite sure when this was made. Most likely in the early to mid 90's? I got it for my dad for his birthday a while ago and he never plays it. Its tone has been complimented by many. comes with the hard case. everything on it works 100% fine. There are a few dings due to normal wear and tear, but nothing to affect the tone whatsoever. my dad also decided to remove the pickguard, so i'd recommend putting one of those on. comes with a capo & martin strap. $140 + s&h. willing to trade for almost anything.


Nifty little amp that i used when I needed to keep the volume a little lower and for when i used headphones. very surprised with the tones, but with my smaller tube amp, i wont really have a need for it. selling for $70 elsewhere, $40 + shipping in as new condition. trade are always considered. from MF:
"A seriously toneful practice amp.

Here's the ultimate practice amp. Cool retro design. 15W, an 8" speaker, and an open-back cab. A great-sounding 3-band EQ and wide-ranging gain let you dial up clean to heavy distortion sounds. Stereo tape I/O and phones out. You can use the tape I/O for direct connection to soundcards for recording on your PC.

Behringer Firebird GX108 Practice Combo Features:

* Cool retro design
* 15W
* 8" speaker
* Open-back cab
* Great-sounding 3-band EQ
* Wide-ranging gain that lets you dial up clean to heavy distortion sounds
* Stereo tape I/O
* Headphones out
* Use the tape I/O for direct connection to soundcards for recording on your PC
* 13"W x 12-1/2"H x 7-1/2"D
* 13.2 lbs."

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i've also got a korg kvp-001 volume pedal. pretty rare nowadays. sold for upwards of $100 back when could be found. got a slider to control the minimum volume which comes in handy.

not the actual one i'm selling, just a visual so you know what you're getting.
i'm thinking $55ish + s&h.

and an aphex big bottom acoustic aural exciter. if you ever amplify your acoustic instrument, check this out. really sweetens your sound. sells for $100 new, mine is in great used shape, 100% fully functional and looking almost new, with a couple nicks. check the link for a sound sample.

$65 + s&h
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hey, i sent you an email.

also selling/trading a
Yamaha DGX-200 76 Key Internet Ready Keyboard

not my specific keyboard, but the one I am selling is in near 100% shape. a couple scuffs.


"Yamaha DGX 200, For the more serious musician in your life, start them off right with the DGX200. It features 76 keys, double the power of the next model down and a professional pitch bend wheel for more expressive playing of brass and string instruments.

The larger keyboard, important for professionals, is also valuable for aspiring musicians. In fact many music teachers encourage new students to get a keyboard that will grow with their needs. In addition, we've beefed up the "Yamaha Education Suite" (Y.E.S.) found on previous models with a new interactive version, Version IV, which includes "Your Tempo" and "Repeat & Learn" modes.

The keyboard comes with 30 pre-loaded songs, Flash ROM internal storage for adding more, and 70 additional selections on an included CD-ROM. Simply connect the keyboard to your computer via the convenient USB connector and transfer songs to the keyboard for learning or listening. And for recording your own songs, the DGX205 has a built-in multi track sequencer and can store up to five performances at a time.

Finally, performance assistant technology allows you to play along with songs and not make a mistake - even if you're a complete beginner!

Product Features:

Yamaha DGX-200 76-Key Touch-Sensitive Keyboard, DGX205
Pc Button Plus Usb Midi For Easy Pc Connectivity
Flash Rom To Download Songs From The Internet
Portable Grand For The Realism Of A Stereo Grand Piano
On-board Sequencer Records Up To 5 Songs In 6 Tracks
Yamaha Education Suite 4 Features Lessons, Grading & 100 Songs To Learn
76 Piano-sized Touch-sensitive Keys
Stereo Speakers, Bass Ports & Bass Boost System Provide Great Sound Quality
487 Instrument Voices
Performance Assistant Lets You Play Along With Any Built-in Song, Regardless Of Ability Level
Easy Song Arranger Allows Playback In Any Of 135 Accompaniment Styles
Large Back-lit Lcd Shows Musical Staff & Chords "

Near mint, a couple scuffs. Comes with black stand, power cord, manual, music stand, and a beginners book.

$120 + shipping ($30ish?)
will accept trades. make some offers!!
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Man it makes me want to cry how much less stuff costs in the US compared with here
RE: Al DiMeola
Quote by Bill69

he sucks, why woudlnt u play guitar with a pick? oh ya, thats cuz you suck. kerry king owns whoever this guy is

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Quote by HammerForce
Man it makes me want to cry how much less stuff costs in the US compared with here

not cheap enough, apparently.

that keyboard is absolutely great. it does sooooooo much. but i'm taking 24 credits of classes, and also playing guitar. i dont have time to teach myself keyboard, let alone all the awesome features that it's got.
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last call before it all goes up on ebay. I'll be going abroad this summer so i'll be putting up all my stuff including:

MIM 72 natural tele thinline with fender case
holy grail reverb
3 ibanez de-7 delays
ernie ball volume pedal
and olllllddd russian small stone
proco rat turbo
fender pt-100 tuner

and everything that has been posted in this thread. make some offers. feel free to send an instant message. same as my user name.
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the ring mod, want to lower price slightly?
i want it, it will just be a week or two before i get the money
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Quote by RHCPfan01
the ring mod, want to lower price slightly?
i want it, it will just be a week or two before i get the money

not a problem at all. sent you a PM.

for everyone: my ebay id is cutsmarked, 151 feedback, one negative from a guy in france who didnt like what UPS wanted to charge him to get a 66 pound bass amp from atlanta to paris.
Here's a master list with some prices, which are non-negotiable for the most part though I am willing to wait for payment. keep in mind you'll be getting some free stuff too (see bottom). no trades please, unless maybe for a newer Ipod or laptop accessories. I'll be getting out of guitar for a while.If paying by paypal, please add 3% to the total:

Fender Deville 410 w/ footswitch: $500 + shipping
Fender MIM Telecaster Thinline 72 w/ Fender Hard Case: $500 + shipping
Ibanez RG321 MH w/ nicer Fender Gig Bag: $215 + shipping
Yamaha DGX-200 Keyboard with stand, book, adapter: $155 shipped
Older simon and patrick (godin) A/E (see pics above, will ship in may, with hard case): $140 shipped
Electro Harmonix Frequency analyzer: ON HOLD
holy grail reverb: $75 shipped
3 ibanez de-7 delays: $45 each, shipped
ernie ball volume pedal: $62 shipped
and olllllddd russian small stone: $55 shipped
Marshall guv'nor gv-2 plus: $52 shipped
proco rat turbo (i dont believe adapter input works, but fine with a battery): $35 shipped
fender pt-100 tuner: $40 shipped
Korg kvp-001 stereo Volume pedal: $50 shipped
Aphex acoustic exciter: $65 shipped
Behringer Firebird GX-108 15 watt practice amp: $53 shipped
Marshall MS-4 microstack: $40 shipped
Mars Volta Limited Frances the mute, sealed set: $40 shipped
Godlyke power supply: $30 shipped
G7th Capo (probably the nicest capo on the market): $25 shipped
Red leather levy's strap: $22 shipped

Free stuff that i'll throw in with other purchases:
a bunch of medium dunlop tortex picks, still in packaging. Fender light strings will go with the tele. a set of everly rockers and some schaller nickel strap locks with the rg. DR lights with the seagull. dunlop pyrex slide. set of strap buttons from a schecter c-1 i believe. 5 or 6 6 inch cables, 2 10 foot, 1 15 or 20 foot, black leather musicians friend strap (with musicians friend lettering pretty much entirely scraped off). anything else i happen to find.

Will discount shipping. Guitars are all in near mint condition. everything is 100% functional. will include random instrument cables etc. for very cheap.

MINT Seagull 2002 Cedar anniversary acoustic guitar w/ case: make an offer
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Do you have pics of the Tele? i might be interested, i've been wanting a Thinline for ages.
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me making a monkey face with some guy i dont know.
doesn't really show you too much haha. but i guess it kind of proves that i do indeed have this guitar.

i'll borrow my roommate's camera to take some more. it's basically mint. just got a pro setup here. 2-3 impressions (not even dents) about 1-2mm in diameter in the neck. there's no way you can feel them while playing. the case has some stickers on it that I can remove. it's pretty much new other than that. incredible guitar and I will miss it the most out of everything i'm getting rid of.

ibanez pic. ill be getting better ones asap.
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can i get some pics of the ibanez
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is the fender pedal tuner still for sale?
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