I recently purchased a Fender Standard Telecaster (I'm sure it's from 2000-2004) and I've had nothing but problems with it since day one. The issue is that the 5th and 6th strings become sharp after use.

For example, I would tune up with an electronic tuner, just like I would with any other one of my guitars or basses I own, and jam along on my own. Within minutes, I'd check the intonation again and sure enough the A and E strings are sharp!

I've had this guitar professionally set up and restrung (to ensure no intonation error on my part) as well as I've had the dealer replace the machine heads. Although all of the above would usually correct a guitar's intonation issues, it kept my guitar's issues consistent.

Are Mexican Telecasters so shoddily made that they won't even stay in tune? I had a cheap Fender Strat knock-off a few years ago and the intoation was mint! I don't think it makes sense for a guitar that costs $300 more than a knock-off to lack the ability to be IN TUNE!

Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!

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umm...are the strings new? cuz they'll keep doing that for a while till they stretch well. and i doubt mexican teles are cheap since the strats aren't.
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Check your batteries on your tuners, it could be playing mind tricks with ya

Check to see if any parts (mainly bridge) are loose/corroded/broken/out of shape, you may need replacement

Make sure you're checking the intonation the correct way

you probably need to install some locking tuners (if you dont have one), it significantly improves your tuning a lot
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and no, mexican teles arent that bad.
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I havnt had any problem with my Tele, nothing but compliments from other players that have played with top of the range gear. So I doubt it is the guitar (unless its specifically your tele...?)
nope mine has great tuning stability, and i use a lot of heavy bends
if the guitar has just been restrung you should expect some drifitng though, strings take time to get used to the tension and so drifit in and out of tuning for a short time
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buy graphtech saddles. or a new bridge.

no it's not all teles. my stupid squier tele is never out of tune.

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