So, I'm creating a song in TabIt, and I need to make a drum track. It's the same as Guitar Pro where there's 6 "strings" and each is a number like 35, 42, etc...

Now I understand how that all works and stuff, I just don't really have any experience with drums, so I can't really create anything that sounds good. Since I'm working on a metalcore/metal/hardcore/whatever song, I kinda need the drums to be a little more than simple lol.

Does anybody have any tips on creating the drums or a tutorial or something? Just simple things like when to place the cymbals, snares, etc...., any unwritten laws of drumming that like need to be followed, anything would be appreciated. Thanks.
well, i think a good piece of advice is to listen to records of the same style of music and pay attention to the drummer, the tempo, the types of fills he uses between measures of music, the intensity, weather or not to using open or closed hi-hats, stuff like that, ur cymbals usually come at the end of a bar, but u can put them anywhere to really add emphasis, snares and the bass kick usually alternate every other beat to get a kind of a one-two kind of effect, just adjust the tempo if u want it to sound faster...if anything try to find a drum groove or sample u like and then try and apply it to ur song, hope this helps
keep in mind that generally the beats are the downstrokes you play on guitar and you're gonna wanna use the bass drum simultaneously. the upstrokes denote the offbeats, so during these you're going to want to use the snare. the high hat pretty much just keeps the tempo throught the whole song.
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