Alright in both of my guitars I have had this on going problem of the outlet jack coming "wiggily" and loose. I'm not a maniac with my guitar, I treat both with care. I do not know why they keep coming loose. I have an ibanez guitar (the noodles guitar), and also an american strat. Does anyone have any tips of preventing this.? Actually I don't even know how to fix it Lol, when I drop off my guitar at guitar center this weekend to get a new pickguard, I'll tell the guy to screw it back tight.
Go to the hardware shop and buy some "Lock Thread". You put a couple of drops on the thread, and once you have tightened it back up, it dries, and stops the nut from unscrewing.
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I got my pick stuck inside my guitar . . . . how am I supposed to get it out?
No. What I do is I take off the nut from the outside, bring the jack as far out as it goes, and screw it in like that, so the jack sticks out from the guitar. After this, apply nail laquer to the outside and inside of the guitar jack area, coat it real good. Leave it alone for a few hours, and youll never have the problem again. First thing I do to my guitars besides fix the action.
this happened to me when i had my squire. never happened yet with my epiphone. Ive heard other people complain about it with their fenders but never an ibanez. I guess use lock thread
the ibanez i could understand why it would. it was my first guitar and i wanted it because it was the "offspring noodles guitar" i paid for the name. but for my american strat im suprised. i'll take your advice guys thanks
Unscrew the output jack completely

Hold the inner side carefully and tighten the outside nut using small plier. If it still comes out, wrap some layer of PTFE tape around the thread then re-tight the nut
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